Create your own online wedding checklist

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. It’s one of the biggest events of your life and since the majority of people have never planned a wedding before, it can be easy to lose track of what you’ve done and what you still need to do. That’s why it can be helpful to have a wedding checklist for your Big Date —everything from your Save the Dates to your ‘thank you’ notes.

One of the way to coordinate your todo’s of the wedding, to create a wedding checklist, which it leads you through over the wedding planning process.

When you’re sitting in the car on the way to church or town hall and all the guests have arrived to help you celebrate one of the happiest days of your life, it’s important to be able to relax and know that everything’s under control. And this guide will make that possible.

Free Online Checklists

You could keep track of all your tasks by sticking sticky notes on your fridge, but you’d be likely to run out of space. A far more effective method is to plan with an online checklist that tells you when you need to get something done. Here are some good online wedding checklist:


Start your planning ahead of time

It might be a little cliché to point this out, but it pays to start planning ahead of time. You’ll find a lot of suppliers are booked far in advance and the later you get started, the harder it’ll be to find the right place, musicians, photographers, etc. to suit both your wishes and budgets.

Start as soon as possible so you can test out different DIY projects without having to stress about anything. Give yourself enough time to buy everything you need to buy if you end up not being completely satisfied with your own skill set.

It’s easier to avoid stress with a good wedding checklist.
Remember—planning your wedding should be fun!

Typical wedding tasks

No two weddings are alike, so it’s impossible to make a checklist that works for everyone. But we’ve put together a list of tasks as part of the template in our free Wedtools software. You can change the list depending on what you need to sort out for your wedding.

12 months before the wedding

  • Book a time at church or town hall
  • Ask for the day off work
  • Put together a guest list
  • Decide on a budget
  • Decide whether you want a themed wedding
  • Commission a photographer for photos (and video)
  • Book an appointment with a hairdresser and stylist
  • Book music and entertainment
  • Plan a diet if you want to lose weight
  • Book transportation to and from church or town hall
  • Book waiting staff
  • Look at wedding dresses
  • Book food and a chef
  • Book a location for the reception
  • Plan and book a honeymoon
  • Sort out accommodation for your wedding night
  • Make sure service, tables, chairs, etc. are covered
  • Look some motivation from the
  • Find inspiration for flowers and bouquet
  • Find inspiration for invitations

6 months before the wedding

  • Order the wedding cake
  • Order your wedding dress
  • Look for rings
  • Book an appointment for a hair test with your hairdresser
  • Choose an organized toastmaster
  • Find all the addresses you need for invitations
  • Make/order invitations
  • Pick a best man

4 months before the wedding

  • Contact a lawyer if you want a prenuptial
  • Book music for church
  • Order decorations, bouquets, buttonhole flowers, etc.
  • Put together a register

3 months before the wedding

  • Send out invitations
  • Check passport validity (if you’re going on a honeymoon)
  • Sort out any visas necessary (if you’re going on a honeymoon)
  • Prepare for any name change
  • Put together a schedule for the day and send it to the toastmaster
  • Plan the ceremony, call your priest
  • Practice the bridal waltz
  • Buy clothes and shoes for the groom
  • Buy wedding rings and order any engravings
  • Inform friends and family of any tasks they may have
  • Choose a gift coordinator and send them your register
  • Buy accessories for the bride
  • Book a time at a restaurant the night before the wedding
  • Book a time for a makeup test
  • Book a manicure and pedicure
  • Book a facial
  • Make a playlist for the dinner and subsequent dance
  • Book time with a tailor to perfect the dress
  • Register for gifts with your favorite shops

2 months before the wedding

  • Make sure invitations have been sent
  • Put together the table plan (it can take a while)
  • Decide on the final menu and order it
  • Find a location for your wedding photos
  • Make place cards
  • Make and order any song booklets required
  • Print things that need to be printed: menus, programmes, etc.
  • Find a babysitter if need be
  • Buy drinks if these can’t be purchased at the reception

The month before the wedding

  • Put together the final guest list and table plan
  • Finish customising your wedding dress
  • Break in your shoes; remember to bring a change of shoes
  • Inform the reception host of the final number of guests (in writing)
  • Go through the ceremony with the priest or mayor
  • Pick up wedding rings
  • Exchange money for your honeymoon
  • Send a test certificate to the church office
  • Buy any present for people helping you out
  • Buy a guest book and writing tools
  • Buy presents for the morning
  • Finish writing your speech
  • Check up on appointments with hairdresser and makeup
  • Check up on everyone who’s been assigned a task
  • Make a big table plan that you can hang at the venue
  • Take out money to pay the suppliers who need cash payment
  • Make sure your toastmaster greets the musicians if they arrive before you
  • Pick up your dress and try everything on once more
  • Prepare your welcoming speech for your guest
  • Go through the schedule with the venue and any suppliers
  • Print and rehearse your speeches
  • Go through the day with your toastmaster
  • Find someone to make a note of all the presents

Your wedding day

  • Hand in the schedule to the venue and the staff
  • Pack a bag with a change of clothes for the next day
  • Pack practical things, like hairspray, bobby pins, aspirin, etc.
  • Set tables and place the place cards
  • Make sure the flowers are ready for the reception and church
  • Check up on the cake
  • Prepare your clothes and all the accessories you’re bringing to the hairdresser

After the wedding

  • Deliver presents to people who have helped you
  • Pay all suppliers
  • Put together a photo album from your big day
  • Print a ‘thank you’ note in the newspaper