Remember the milk review

RTM (Remember the milk) is an incredibly flexible system that lets you customise your own needs, that is the reason why I make the Remember the milk review.  You can even share your checklist with your spouse-to-be, the toastmaster, your sister, or anybody else. The biggest drawback of the system is that it isn’t developed specifically for weddings and that it doesn’t have a template for weddings.

RTM is free, but there is a Pro version available if you’d like to pay for it, which means not all of the options are available free of charge. I think that is the biggest disadvantage of the application, but it is the sense if you want to use a sophisticated program.

This is the Australian way, how we can organize our life, work, to-do, ideas and more…

Personally, I like the fresh design of this to-do app. You also can reach the following features in the RTM:

  • Smart add
  • Attach files from Google Drive
  • Remandires
  • Wizards
  • Easily create SMART lists
  • Available from every kind of device
  • Track your tasks
  • Works with a lot of other programs and apps (Google, Social Media, etc.)
  • Drag and Drop function
  • Sync with Microfost platform
  • Themes
  • Easy share options

All together is hard to say anything, which is missing from the RTM. Why does RTM skip the wedding template?

Remember the milk review

You can build your own tailored organizer, you can optimize your tasks and life. I am sure if you use the RTM, you have got a richer and easier life. That is also my personal experience. Try the free version or pay for more!

Remember the milk review is just a short outlook on the app. You can read more about RTM here:

Please let us know how you would review Remember the milk!

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  • Features
  • Mobile app
  • Tailored for weddings
  • Price