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Trello is a project management tool and our wedding is the biggest project of your life. Can they work together? Trello is one of my favourite solution to organize my tasks. It can help a lot to manage my daily life, from the to-do, through the Wishlist to the shopping list. Why can we use this project management solution to the wedding checklist. That is the reason while I write this Trello review.

I found a lot of opinion about Trello all around the Internet. All that said Trello is a good and cool solution for almost everything. It is not only an online platform, but the app version is also available, or you can use the desktop version. It is free, but you should pay for the business or enterprise version. It contains everything, hard to say any function which it does not build in. You can find the reminders, the labels, attachments, search option, drag and drops function, and many more. Trello is a task management software and collaboration tools together. When you plan the wedding, you need to collaborate with your partner, parents, vendors and lot of others.

Free version of Trello has limited storage capacity and integration.

Trello wedding checklist

Here is a video, which can help to understand the Trello review:

I can imagine, how it is useful for the wedding planning, but you need to build your own template from the nothing. That is the biggest disadvantage of this software if we are thinking about a wedding checklist. You have got a free hand but there are no templates, so you should be very careful, do not forget any important tasks, to-dos and checklist, when you are starting your wedding planning.

After when you have created your wedding checklist it is a perfect solution, you can add, customize, prioritize and share tasks in your own way just one click. Just drag and drop your tasks whenever and how you want it.

Trello review wedding planning

Overall of the Trello review is a nice solution to manage your checklist, but there is no any wedding checklist template. Start from nothing and do something unique.

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