The Knot review

The Knot review main finding, NEED A PROPER HELPDESK!

The Knot wedding app is one of the biggest players in the US wedding market, however, the greatness has some backlashes. The Knot review is based on reviews of the Trustpilot, it seems there are some problems with personalized items purchase and the delivery.  In the globalized world, the logistics industry is not life insurance, it needs to order all the goods in time, however, sometimes it will never arrive.

The main issue, if you have got a problem and the customer service can solve it in an efficient, polite and very fast way, it is awesome and that should be the basic. You had a problem, but a few months later You would remember for the fast solution of the problem.

But what happened if The Knot hasn’t got the reliable customer service, do not answer the phone and the emails? I am sure, you would be angry… :-/

The Knot review

Anyway, the Knot app is sophisticated, structured and well-designed wedding application, however, what does it mean without proper helpdesk?

There are 22 reviews available on the Trustpilot, 27% of the feedbacks had given excellent evaluation and 55% of customers had written The Knot app is bad. Most of them had complained about the missing customer service. Some of them also mentioned, the app was not user-friendly.

Another side of the coin, few Vendors also had given negative feedback about The Knot, because they had not got any lead, but that was promised plenty of time before.

Your wedding is a milestone in your life, and I am sure, you do not want to ruin that big date with this kind of issue.  Meantime organizing your wedding, you do not want to worry about your provider, who officially is working for you to help and organize your tasks.

Maybe, it is a great time to try a totally new wedding checklist app!

The Knot review
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