Wedbox review

The reason is why I started to write a Wedbox review because Wedbox wedding planner app is the best solution at the moment. It is not only a simple wedding checklist, but Wedbox has also created the most elegant, stylish, straightforward, creative, interactive and user-friendly wedding planner in the world.

What are the advantages of Wedbox wedding planner?

If you want to keep tracking your wedding, you need to organize your plans and ideas somehow. The wedding checklist can offer an easy solution for that. The app is interactive and customizable, you can create your wedding to-do’s or just use what Wedbox offers you.

Why is Wedbox better than other wedding apps?

Wedbox uses AI, that means the app has built on the former user experiences. I cannot count how many features available in this app. Wedbox wedding planner delivers the multilanguage solution, which is not available elsewhere. You can also collaborate with your partner.

Features in the Wedbox review:


The app analyses your data and offers plans, vendors and DIY ideas for the most effective wedding planning process, that is unique.

Customized wedding checklist

Wedbox app is designable, you can add or remove tasks and ideas at any time. Upon you, how you would like to create your checklist.


One of the best functions in the app to communicate and delegate tasks and ideas to your partner. Work together for the best wedding.

Wedding budget

This is the most useful section, you can setup up your budget frame and track the wedding budget, what you paid and what it is available.


You can choose your own language. This option offers a smooth solution to you or the bilingual couples for effective planning


Just one click and you can jump into your wedding overview. Now you can see or check where you are in the wedding planning process.

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Wedbox wedding planner video

If I would like to summarize Wedbox review, the Wedbox wedding planner is the best solution from all the wedding checklist apps. Check this stylish design, user-friendly solution and smart app. Here is key for wedding planning.

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Wedbox review
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  • User-friendly
  • Interactive
  • Language options
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