Zola review

The reason why I am writing this review because I found contradictory information all around the internet. The Zola review is based on the Google play reviews.

The overall evaluation looks good. Zola has got almost 600 reviews and 4,4 score.

If we get into the details, we will find some different samples. Half of the people praise the application and the other half complain about the technical issues. The application is fancy, well-supported and has got a strong position in the market, but why the users have got stuck into technical errors. What kind of errors appears in Zola review? The users write about constant error messages and crashes when opening the app, even after uninstalling and reinstalling. The other side is better, the customer service is available and tries to help the users. The unexpected errors are the worst because just kill the trust toward the application. Some of Zola review complaining about the updates, after that usually the app does not work properly.

Zola review

Some functionality of the app needs also an improvement as you cannot put links, stores and other websites into the app.

Google Play Zola review has given some issue about the topic of user-friendly and customer focus, sometimes it is hard to navigate in the app.

There is no texting and messaging integration, but it is a must!

One of the biggest problems, there is no budget section in the Zola wedding app, without that, it looks like no sense to use it.

Overall, Zola has a nice marketing activity and a beautiful design, however, the app contains fewer functions, features, what the Zola’customers have required. A lot of time the app is falling down, I can believe, it would be so annoying and frustrating.

If you want to read all of the feedback, check the Google Play.

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Zola review
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