Every wedding is different from the next and as humans, we all have different taste in style, fashion and more… A wedding is the coming together of two (most likely different) people. So how do you give them both the best wedding? There is no perfect way around it than making a plan. A wedding to do list is similar to a checklist but more focused on the goal at hand.

Although some people have to wed more than once,  everybody prays to have one wedding during their lifetime. Well, that’s beside the point,  regardless of how many times you get married, you will always want it to be perfect (and better than the previous).

A wedding to do list contains goals and milestones aimed at a particular objective (wedding) but if you have never done a wedding before, how would you know what should be on the list and where it should be on the list?

Here at the-wedding-checklist.com, we understand that no two weddings are alike, which makes it almost impossible to make a wedding to do list that works for everyone, so we’ve put together a list of tasks as part of the template in our free Wedtools software. This wedding to do list was also made to be flexible enough for you can change, depending on what you need to sort out for your wedding. This wedding to-do list covers every important aspect of a typical wedding and can be customized to produce the exact result you may want.



With this, you don’t necessarily need to be a professional before you can create your wedding to-do list and this could even make your planning easier for the planner as all she will need to do I follow your list. A wedding to-do list should contain the preference of both the bride and groom as one, ensuring both individuals have their dream wedding all at once. With our wedding to-do list, you also get reminded of what to do and when to do it; it will be of course customized to fit into your calendar, without interfering in your personal life.

Avoid stress with a good to do list

Planning a wedding will always be stressful as everyone wants to be involved but we should not forget the fact that it should also be fun and exciting and we have the perfect wedding to-do list to make it so.

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A good wedding to-do list covers every single aspect of your wedding and ensures you have the perfect wedding on the big day. Also, our wedding to-do list also covers the important activities that should be done after the wedding, making sure we guide you even after your dream wedding.