People recount a lot of memorable days in their lives, but wedding days are arguably one of the most important ceremonies in life. If you’ve ever felt the joy and stomach butterflies that come with finding the one you never want to lose you’ll understand why weddings are important and memorable milestones for people. Everyone wants a unique and memorable wedding, but the preparations involved can be daunting. It is the coming together of not just two or more individuals but also the joining of two or more families – hence, preparing for it can be extremely stressful, as it should. Read forward the Zankyou alternatives.

Zankyou alternativesEveryone wants a perfect wedding ( a dream wedding), and to get the best result when planning for your wedding, it is best to take a look at a lot of options as far as planning goes. Need a little help? is one of the topmost and biggest platforms that provides online wedding planning tools, but like I said earlier, to have the perfect wedding, it is best to always have options which is why we have compiled a list of Zankyou alternatives where you may find your preference for your wedding.

Your To-Do List

A to-do list/checklist is important when planning a wedding. It’s no secret that the activities can get overwhelming, and in that state it is easy to forget those little but important things we need to do. A Checklist will help you keep everything organized and an alternative to Zankyou in this regard is They offer important features to help you keep your wedding organized and ensure the effective distribution of your resources. can also serve as a worthy alternative for your to-do list.

Wedding Planning

You can’t plan your wedding alone, but that is only if you care about the perfect wedding. Even with the advancement of technology currently, planning your wedding does not pass for a DIY  activity. However, you don’t have to spend heavily on human resources, Zankyou provides you with the valuable tools you may need. We talked about alternatives and serves as a very good Zankyou alternative as they also provide you with incredible and helpful features you will  need when planning a wedding.

Building Your Own Wedding Website

Even though it’s just a temporary website for a wedding,  perfection is still relevant and needed because you can’t afford to be cheap or be low on quality with your wedding. Zankyou is a great option for website creation,  but for the sake of alternatives, is also great. Other Zankyou alternatives for building a wedding website include AppyCouple, Joy, Riley and Grey, Wedding woo, wedding window, and a couple more.

If your wedding is just around the corner and planning it out is the most trying time of your life, it’s fine. It is never simple and easy, it comes with a whole lot of mumble, jumble, and headaches, and Zankyou makes it easy for you, but if you are in need of some other alternatives to get the best wedding, you need to have options and above are some Zankyou alternatives. So,  go ahead, choose your preference from the options at your disposal and go get your dream wedding.